on Goku is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball Z series, and would be playable in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. His Minion is Vegeta.





Goku is a Saiyan warrior from the Planet Vegeta and crashed on Earth when he was an infant. Sent to eradicate all life on Earth, Goku instead hit his head and lost his violent nature. He was discovered and raised by an elderly martial arts master named Gohan. Throughout his life, he trains hard and strives to be the greatest warrior possible, while at the same time using his amazing strength and skills to uphold peace, facing many threats to Earth and even the entire universe. Despite his overwhelming power, Goku is a kind-hearted hero and would rather enjoy a buffet than to threaten the stability of peace.


  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
  • Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3
  • Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
  • Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
  • Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2
  • Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi
  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection



Goku is on his way to the World Martial Arts Tournament when he suddenly gets a call from King Kai that tells them there is another, more exclusive gathering of warriors taking place and Goku, easily excited, heads in that direction, ready to face the strongest fighters in the universe.


Name: Naruto Uzumaki [1]

Reason: Goku is searching for strong opponents after easily taking out a large amount, when he is approached by Naruto Uzumaki. When Naruto asks if Goku had seen Sasuke, Goku decides to challenge him to a fight. Although confused at first, Naruto initially declines, but Goku eventually talks him into it after claiming to know where Sasuke is.

Connection: Both are popular heroes in Shonen Jump manga. Both also have several video games that were developed by Namco Bandai. Naruto's creator, Masashi Kishimoto, was also inspired by Akira Toriyama, creator ofDragon Ball. Goku's clothes appear as DLC for Naruto in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.


After defeating Polygon Man, Goku returns to his world just in time to attend the World Torunament, surprised that time had been completely unaltered since he left. He claims that although he had fun in the otherwordly battle royale, no one had proven to be a strong enough opponent, and releasing his new powers, is set up to face Vegeta in the first round of the Martial Arts Tournament.


Goku would be a fast-paced, all-around brawling type character, fighting with most of his melee attacks coupled with Ki techniques. Goku can also trigger a transformation, similar to Naruto.


[2] (Square Moves)

  • Melee Combo - [3]
  • Meteor Rush - [4] + [5]
  • Upward Meteor Combo - [6] + [7]
  • Meteor Crash - [8] + [9]
  • Air Melee Combo - [10] (Air)
  • Air Meteor Rush - [11] + [12] (Air) (Aimable)
  • Air Meteor Combo - [13] + [14] (Air)
  • Air Meteor Crash - [15] + [16] (Air)

[17] (Triangle Moves)

  • Ki Blast Barrage - [18]
  • Kamehameha - [19] + [20] (Chargeable)
  • Penetrate! - [21] + [22]
  • Kiai Wave - [23] + [24] (Goku crosses his arms and then thrusts them to the side, releasing an invisible ki wave with high knockback)
  • Air Ki Blast Barrage - [25] (Air)
  • Air Kamehameha - [26] + [27] (Air) (Aimable)
  • Air Penetrate! - [28] + [29] (Air)
  • Explosive Wave [30] + [31] (Air) (Aimable)

[32] (Circle Moves)

  • Kaioken Trigger/Burst[33] (Goku triggers his Kaioken transformation, and releases a burst of Ki once he transforms)
  • Kaioken Rush - [34] + [35] (Goku rushes forward and performs a melee combo)
  • Instant Transmission - [36] + [37]
  • Give Me Energy - [38] + [39] (Goku raises his hands, and collects 15 AP)
  • Kaioken Burst - [40] (Air)
  • Air Kaioken Rush - [41] + [42] (Air) 
  • Air Instant Transmission - [43] + [44] (Air)
  • Super Saiyan Burst - [45] + [46] (Air) (Goku temporarily turns into a Super Saiyan, releasing a Ki Burst with high knockback)




(Trigger Moves)

[59] (Super Moves)

  • Solar Flare (Level 1): Goku uses the Solar Flare, which creates a flash of light, and punches the opponent caught in it off the screen.
  • Dragon Fist (Level 2): Goku turns into a Super Saiyan 3 and punches forward, sending an etheral Shenron across the screen, taking out any characters in its path.
  • Super Spirit Bomb (Level 3): Goku uses a large Spirit Bomb and crashes it into the stage where it stays intact. He then transforms into a Super Saiyan and fires a Kamehameha to strengthen it, creating a massive explosion.


  • When Selected:
    • "Can you guys provide a challenge?"
    • "I'm a Saiyan raised on Planet Earth!"
    • "Hey, it's me, Goku. You ready?"
  • Prematch:
    • "Alright, let's do this!"
    • "Let's go!"
  • Item Pick-up:
    • "This looks interesting."
    • "Did this fall out of a capsule?"
    • "Thanks, Bulma."
    • "Oooh, this looks like fun."
    • "I bet I can use this."
  • Using Solar Flare:
    • "Tien, I'm borrowing your technique!"
  • Using Dragon Fist:
    • "If I don't end this, who will?"
  • Using Super Spirit Bomb:
    • "You're pretty good. See ya later, hyah!"
  • Successful KO:
    • "Guess I could've held back."
    • "Are you alright?"
    • "Guess I don't know my own strength, heh."
    • "You don't have to hold back!"
    • "Hey look, people popcorn!"
  • Respawn:
    • "Looks like you got me!"
    • "That's the spirit!"
    • "No more holding back, right?"
    • "Back from Other World!"
    • "Is that all you got?"

Introduction and Ending AnimationsEdit


Goku stands up and strikes his famous pose, saying "All right, let's do this!"

Goku arrives using his Instant Transmission technique.

Reverts from a Super Saiyan and says, "Let's go!"

Pulls on his belt to tighten it and then strikes a pose.

Winning ScreenEdit

Goku gives the losers a thumbs-up, saying "You need more practice."

Goku uses Instant Transmission to teleport off-screen.

Turns into a Super Saiyan and yells, "Yeah!"

Flies off and gives a goodbye wave to the losers (similar to a scene from Dragon Ball Z)

Losing ScreenEdit

Goku crouches and says, "Looks like I got into a little more than I could handle."

Goku looks down and crouches.

Goku faints.

Turns Super Saiyan in anger.

Results ScreenEdit

Victory: Goku turns into a Super Saiyan and continously generates ki.

Loss: Goku crouches in defeat.

Idle AnimationEdit

Goku stands in his traditional pose, occasionally stretching his legs and cracking his neck, similar to the Budokaiseries.

Victory ThemeEdit


Turtle GiEdit

Goku's standard appearance throughout the Dragon Ball Z series.


Goku as his father. He wears a red headband, green shoulder-less Saiyan armor, and has an "X" shaped scar on his left cheek. He also has a tail wrapped around his waist like a belt.

World Martial Arts TournamentEdit

Goku at the very end of Dragon Ball Z. His Super Saiyan transformation also changes to look like Super Saiyan 3.

Super Saiyan GodEdit

Goku's newest transformation from the new film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.' He has red hair, red eyes, and generates a flame aura.


[60]Goku in a loading screen[61]Goku as a Super Saiyan God[62]A close-up of Goku during his rival scene with Naruto. Art by LeeHatake93[63]Goku vs Naruto loading[64]A fake Tweet by Seth Killian, leaking Naruto and Goku[65]The Portrait for Goku's Super Saiyan God costume[66]World Martial Arts Tournament Costume[67]Bardock Costume[68] Add a photo to this gall